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With focused education in graphic design, we have honed our skills in creating top-notch mock-ups and production designs and handling brand design and large-scale projects with ease. The industry is constantly evolving. By keeping our finger on the pulse of branding and design strategies, we simplify the complexities with purpose-driven creativity. What you’re left with is a design that lights up your heart!


Through our hands-on experience, we have developed the ability to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our clear communication and realistic goals make our approachable and enjoyable process stand out, allowing us to deliver exceptional work with confidence and enthusiasm.

Whether over coffee, virtual, in your office or with a glass of wine in hand, we’ll always go over your needs, vision and expectations. From there, we go running! Crafting a game plan specific to you and your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

BOTH! Your brand is everything visual and personality-based. Whatever you put out there “in the name of [insert your business name here]” reflects who you are as a brand and what you represent.

Really good product/lifestyle imagery. Yes a solid logo and overall look/feel to your brand is important, but professional photos showcasing what you’re selling (in the style that represents your brand) than a pretty logo with mediocre snaps of your work.

RESEARCH: What are you offering? Who is your ideal client? Do those colours reflect your brand? What does each colour represent? If you’re a dentist, you may opt for the use of white to represent clean teeth. If you’re a midwife, you may wish to pull in softer pastel tones. If your style is playful and unique, you may wish to choose saturated fun colours.

YOUR BRANDING. This is where your branding does all the work. People know and trust your brand and your business. They now associate your brand colours, style and voice with everything you do. Keep it cohesive and unified across the board; your clients will follow and accept. 

When it comes time to rebrand, that’s when you roll it out slowly, allowing clients to acclimate to the new look & feel.

You are entitled to showcase as much or as little of yourself as you wish. Not all businesses need to showcase the chaos behind the scenes or delve into their personal life. People resonate with emotion, truth and transparency, but keep in mind what you’re offering as well. If you’re selling to luxury clients, they want to know that you’re put together and can meet them where they want to be. If you’re pitching to first time moms, showing empathy and understanding through your own stories would best attract that like, know, trust.

100%. This is what we call your Brand Voice. What you say and how you say it reflects your brand at its core. Are you friendly and informative? Factual and enthusiastic? Clinical and relatable? Whatever and however you write that post/email/conversation should reflect your brand. 

Nope! Just look at Instagram’s branding. They pull in a whole gamut. What’s important to keep in mind is the usage of each colour and why they’re chosen. We can help you narrow it down or expand on a simpler palette to ensure you have a good variety to work with.

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